How e-commerce started

Back in 1999, I made my first attempt to build an e-commerce website. It was a website for Virgilio Lara, a Mexican Watercolor artist. I created a gallery in which we displayed some of his paintings so people could bid on them. The payment and delivery were agreed by email.

I tried to implement a card payment gateway, but back then it was restricted to big businesses and you were supposed to have a business bank account to be able to apply for SSL. It was just too expensive to try.

However, as time passed, I was there to see things becoming more accessible and easier to implement.

Watch this video from Shopify to get a better idea how e-commerce started.

Do you have your e-shop already? If you do, go on, don’t be shy and share with me your experience with e-commerce, leave your comments. If you are not selling online yet, contact me. I can set up your shop.

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